The Spiritual Path
3 Stages of the Ego

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.The Spiritual Path<br/> 3 Stages of the Ego.
The Spiritual Path
3 Stages of the Ego
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Wisdom Talks
15 Mins
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Wisdom Talks
15 Minutes

In this wisdom talk, Travis shares inspiring thoughts and insights on moving down the spiritual path. Very often this involves moving through the 3 stages of the ego.

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A few years ago, IDTV sent out a survey to members asking their opinions on what they would like to see more of. Wisdom talks and parables were top on my list of requests and I'm so happy that Travis and his team really listened. If I feel lost or down on myself, I listen to this wisdom talk to help me move through and get out of my own way.
Glenn Meininger
Wanted to keave six stars for my review. In awe after listening to it
Andrea Nelson
Listened to this lying on my Shakti mat...... Nameste from the UK
Charlotte Rymenams
No words, only gratitude! Thank you for this beautiful talk!
Antje Hennegriff
Thank you so much Travis - yes we have to remember who we really are - pure love/light - and that's why we should learn to tame our EGO.
inspirational...thank u
Pamela Musso
perfect timing for this talk....thank you
Alejandro Angel Pais
Thanks a lot for your restorative energizing words
I like this wisdom talk. Please include a reading list to help me fully appreciate the content.