The Only Way Out is In

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.<b>The Only Way Out</b> is In.
The Only Way Out is In
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
All Levels
20 Minutes

A soothing practice of ujayyi and nadi shodana pranayama meant to help put your mind and body at ease. 

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Lucy-Ann Prideaux
Beautiful. Thank you Brent.
Conny Polster
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful practice! So simple but sooo nurishing. It became my absolute favorite meditation and pranayama practice and i often come back to it to unwind my day, calm my mind or find grounding!
Thank you.............!!!!!! so much
magali millou
merci beaucoup....very simple and powerfull
Thank you brother, the 20 minutes were over before I expected! Thank you for making it lightweight and easy going. Can't wait to see more meditations, and classes of course. Adding this one to my favourites. Namaste!
Natania Cipriano
Brent's guidance is a gift. Love how pranayama felt unrushed. Thank you for encouraging the practice of doing nothing.
Ingrid Koster
Excellent as always, nice long nadi shodana
Indu gowda
One of the best pranayama and meditation practice I have done. Thanks so much!
Russell Robinson
This short but sweet practice helped me find stillness and center after a hectic day. Thanks, Brent!
Alejandro Angel Pais
I feel as all myself is in expansion, as gravity no longer exists