Test Prep Introduction

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.Test Prep Introduction.
Test Prep Introduction
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Welcome to Test Prep, a 5-part mindfulness series for students comprised of meditations to help you lay the groundwork for before, during and after an important test.

Section one of this series is designed to support you before and after a study session.

Section two is made up of mindfulness practices to help improve your emotional resiliency.

Section three provides simple, short meditations you can turn before a test or even while in the midst of a test to help you re-focus, stay centered, and relax.

Section four includes meditations to help you ground and center after a test and finally, section five is a quick-practice “tool kit” made up of short, quick and simple practices you can turn to in any moment.

While this series was created with students in mind who are preparing to take a test, these meditations can easily be applied by anyone preparing for a major presentation at work or any other event that calls for preparation, focus, clarity and confidence.

This series also includes a few practices specifically for parents with children facing major academic moments of stress. 

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