Strong Body, Steady Mind

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.<b>Strong Body,</b> Steady Mind.
Strong Body, Steady Mind
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Functional Fitness
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

Integrating a variety of lunge and squat variations, this practice will strengthen your lower body while steadying your mind. Have 2 yoga blocks for this practice.

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Lacy Mason
I loved this quick class! Your cueing amazes me- it's my absolute favorite. I wish there were even more of your classes on here!! :)
Kim Riccardi
what the heck!-- I burst into tears during the "keep up" for no reason----that I can think of... apparently my shoulders were holding something..thank you for that unexpected release <3
Lanie Greenbaum
Loved the strength work! More like this please!
Christine Wilson Cullis
As always simply amazing unexpected ! thank you so much every moment is truly brilliant and enlightening! we are capable of so much and so much more - this is what subscribing to the IDM has shown me
Nicole Villapiano
Excellent quick practice, lower body work predominant. So happy to squeeze this in to my day. Lauren always delivers!
I love your class always especially this one is perfect for everyday practice. Also love the music 😀❤️
So much fun and the perfect exercise for recovering from a lengthy foot injury.Thank you Lauren.
I really enjoyed the uniqueness of this practice - several new experiences that I appreciated learning. And the theme of steadiness was very well supported throughout the entire practice. Many thanks for this one!
I really enjoyed he uni
Enjoyed the block work-- something new Did not care for the music
Definitely a beauty!
Just perfect!!
Love this class - easy to modify for my second trimester body and a great start to the day!
A really enjoyable but invigorating class -loved the3 background music and the different asanas Always find Lauren'a presence very calming - thank you
Good quick class, not much core but to be expected for short class. Good morning wake up.
Loved this. The time just flew by.
Didn't feel like getting on the mat this morning but sure glad I did! Lauren's class was invigorating, short and sweet and exactly what I needed to get my morning going. Working the glutes and arms which is my weakness. Thanks Lauren!