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Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

By the end of this practice, there won’t be an area of the body that didn’t get strengthened — low body, upper body, back of the body — all of it. Throughout the class, Travis will take you to your edge in a certain muscle group, and then right when you feel like you’ve reached your limit, he will skillfully guide you to another area. After this class, you will be moving into the rest of your day feeling unstoppable!

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Tammy Keys Roberts
My favourite class. So challenging! Love Travis.
mutlu dinckok
great class feels amazing. your classes never disappoint
Zeta Tsatsani
Bloody hard badass work. Loved every minute of it
Blanca Perez del Palomar
Amazing and challenging practice Travis, always trying to improve and challenge ourselves! Thank you!
Blanca Perez del Palomar
Great and intense practice for the whole body! Amazing challenge! Thanks Travis!
Jenny Palmblad
So good, really enjoyed this one!
This class is invigorating and has it all, breath, strength, balance and of course great words spoken by Travis.
Wow that was such a great class. Challenging, energizing, nicely paced. My whole body feels sweetly fatigued and I got a nice sweat going. I would also love a version of this without music.
A challenging flow, that definitely leaves you with the inner glow but worth it! Thank you Travis. Namaste :)
I like the challenging sequence but the music made my blood pressure rise and made me feel like I had 10 shots of espresso at times.
Great class, but would it be possible to offer a version without the soundtrack?
Awesome flow and strenght workout, perfect convo, I feel so energized
I love it ! My gratitude goes to all those people who were involved in putting these video together . It really amazing .. Thank you
A challenging class which leaves me feeling strong and energized.
I had an idea to do a gentle yoga today, but since I am in the middle of the working day I figured I will probably benefit from a bit of strength. Thank you! it was gentle ;) gentle addition to strength of mind and body. <3
I really wanted to phone it in today and take it easy, but I convinced myself to go for it with this practice and I am glad I did. While challenging, it was not impossible and I felt oddly energized after.
If you need a shoulder workout this is for you! Great vibe with this class, for how challenging it was I really enjoyed it.