Steady Flame

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.Steady <b>Flame</b>.
Steady Flame
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

This class is challenging both physically and mentally. Travis guides you through a dynamic blend of power yoga and shaolin movements. He helps you to practice keeping your mind steady like candle flame on a windless day. By training this way on your yoga mat, you are setting yourself up to be like a warrior monk in life.

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Vicky Gray-Clark
Love this creative and beautiful flow. Thank you Travis!
Great class. I was leary of this type of class, but this one works! Travis is the best, as usual!
Dana Gibri-Bashi
Love this class! anything with shoaling type movement is always so great, and Travis embeds that beautifully into the practice.
Helen Davis
What an amazing class. I absolutely loved it. It'd be great to see more and longer classes like this. As ever superb cues from Travis, his classes are the best. Thank you.
Amazing class. I was feeling down, but this helped me tap into my inner fire. The movement, the words, and the sequencing all contributed to an empowering session. Thanks, Travis!
Krisztina Szakal
Super, and perfect timing for me. Thank you.
Enjoyable variants on familiar flows.
Russell Robinson
Great class! I appreciate the slow build.
Helen Davis
I really enjoyed this prctice, challenging and powerful, agree with the other comments. would love more like this and longer. Thank you as ever Travis for some amazing classes.
Gali Niv
loved it thank you
Thanks! I really enjoyed these new movements. I was challenged to keep up with the 2nd flow and in fact I did not quite follow perfectly but will need to practice a few more times to get the hang of it. This challenge is a good thing! I agree with other commentors, more qi gong and shaolin movements please!!
A further magical complete dimensional flow with Travis. LOVE!!!
Sabine Bühn
so fine :-)
Courtney Deering
LOVE the Shaolin yoga practices! Felt powerful & steadying.
A great 30 minute class that requires focus and concentration, and that's challenging enough to get the heart rate moving. It gets 4/5 stars because it should have a disclaimer about taking rings off before beginning (knuckle plank/pushups). An easy mod is to do regular plank/pushups.
Perfect. just what I needed today. Loved it!!! Thank you Travis
So Good!!! Want a long version pleeeeeeeease!!!!!!