Start Where You Are

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.<b>Start Where</b> You Are.
Start Where You Are
Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

One of the most important aspects of a yoga practice is listening to ourselves and what we need from one moment to the next. Whether you are rolling out your mat for the first time or returning time and again, meet yourself where you are and practice for the body you have today.

Props needed: A block or two recommended

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Loved this practice although I'm not a beginner that's what I needed today - mindful training with a lot of attention placed onto each and every movement. Thank you Britanny!
Matt Miller
This is suppose to be power yoga? To me power yoga embodies an anti fragile framework, challenging the nervous system to stay calm during difficult routines to grow holistic strength. Maybe consider taking that tag off this video. This is not a class that that fits power yoga in my opinion, as it's very slow and not challenging at all. Definitely not what i was looking for.
Silva Iahdjian
Too slow. Honestly all the videos are either too slow or too fast paced. Why is it so hard to find an intermediate level video
A great way home. I've been recovering from illness, and I've been doing yoga for a long time, but sometimes when feeling a little vulnerable, this kind of instruction still within a flow rather than restorative practice is really re-assuring, and a wonderful way in to the subtle body, still through a fuller movement, which is exactly what I need right now. Thank You.
Is not only for beginners in my opinion! Yes, it's slow, but to guide you into the listening of yourself, into the abscence of judgement for the place you are today and for what you are capable of today. It's a lesson that teaches compassion towards yourself, so, from time to time, even an expert yogi doing always power yoga should do a practice like that..this practice for me is perfectly balanced. Thank you Teacher.
What a nice and lovely class. Love Brittanys teaching style!
very therapeutic - and just what I needed. A beautifully choreographed class accompanied by the perfect music. Like meditation in action! Brittany is an excellent instructor, very clear and concise.
This was beautiful. Brittany’s soothing voice and cues were relaxing and a gentle reminder for poses. I’ve been a yogi for 5 years and still appreciate a gentle class to reinforce proper pose technique.
Blissss! When you feel you have little to give to your practice today, this will help you start where you are, without expectations.
Brittany is a beautiful teacher. Thank you for helping slow down my mind today. She exemplified such precision and care. On another note: In addition to this class, I would love to see something in between these power classes and this slow pace. And alot more sitting postures. There are thousands of asanas, I would love to see them added to your amazing classes. Thank you for what you do.
good beginner class -
Really nice and gentle practice. Love it!
Love this class. It is just what I needed today. Thank you
Amazing class, soft, smootly and right.👏 Namaste 🙏 Adriano 🇮🇹
Great for beginners. Good instruction but hard to follow if you have been doing it for a while
Slow. Too slow, too much explanation for me. I hope there are some more hour long power yoga uploads soon.
Excellent to phase back in during recovery from a knee and ankle injury. Cleared to go back to yoga and this practice helps revive the muscle memories, has a great pace for adjusting to poses, while keeping a good flow. I really appreciate Brittany's teaching style.