Spring Detox Yoga Flow LIVE

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.Spring Detox Yoga Flow LIVE.
Spring Detox Yoga Flow LIVE
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
90 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
90 Minutes

Celebrate the onset of Spring as Lauren guides a community live class centered around the theme of “Detox.” Participate in this invigorating and detoxifying power yoga flow class tailored to restore balance as the season transitions!

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Thank you for this amazing class. I love your classes!
Stumbled into this practice- it was truly timely though not live - such an encouragement via the ongoing narration and guidance - thank you Inner Dimensions TV, and Lauren for this truly inspired class 👌🙏🌤️
Amazing flow with great pace!
Just did this by the sea 2 days in a row. Feeling blessed. Literally. Thank you Lauren. You are unique.
Beautiful flow, lovely music too 🙂
David Kanno
A very good class, was challenging, bought out a good sweat, and you gave us great fulfilliing stories.
I cried when you were telling the story about the lost boy and girl. It was very meaningful but I was still surprised by my emotions. Thank you for a beautiful practice and the way your word things.
Fabienne moreau
wonderful flow for body and mind, touching all those layers in a creative way and though beautifully intuitive. Loved it. Thank you Lauren.
Laura Goellner
Yes, I also cried. I often cry in your classes Lauren because you deeply touch the essence of life and our true being, it is a recognition of soul. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE + MORE + MORE + MORE of these live classes!!! They are so awesome!!! This class was absolutely AMAZING in every way!!!!!!
Lovely, well balanced class with some new, creative combinations. Only the music was a tad too loud for me.
Great class and so creative. Starts slow and then picks up the pace with a unique flow. Thank you Lauren you are a great teacher
I cried... Thank you.
Lauren - great practice ! I am coming off a fractured fibula - needed the challenge and the feedback .❤️
Pamela Musso
Beautiful, thank you.
This class was beautiful. The unique flows made the time fly by, and the theme was exactly what I needed. This is a new favorite that I will return to frequently. Thank you, Lauren.
Subhashini Mahadevan
What a glorious practice!!!! Thank you Lauren🙏🙏🙏
Nadine Korpus
Wow, I´m the first one to leave my feedback:-) Thank you so much, Lauren, for this practice and how you made 90min. fly by so easily <3