Spinal Mobility

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.Spinal <b>Mobility</b>.
Spinal Mobility
Led by: Christine Turrentine
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
20 Minutes

Mobility is important to the health of the spine, overall health, and vitality. Creating mobility comes not just from physical postures but from breathing and intention. Join Christine in this gentle practice as you focus on spinal extension and rotation of the thoracic and lumbar spine. Learn why not all parts of the spine are created equal when it comes to mobility and how to care for the lumbar and thoracic spine to create healthy mobility. 

One block is suggested for this practice

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Marjan Buseyne
Thanks, very natural teaching style & exactly what my back needed. I often neglect these simple asanas & movements in daily life, like you said. Feels so good, thanks! Namaste :-) )(
Zoe Brentnall
Really beautiful, soft, expansive class. Thank you
Renee Minor
I am really enjoying the series...slow movements with excellent cues and benefits for the spine. Such a calming tone. ty
Dawn Angela
Just wht I need at the moment. My practice was going so well before Christmas and then due to lower back pain I had to slow down. it's hard for me to go slower but right now it's what I need. Much appreciated and i like the very clear simple instruction.
Pure bliss! I woke up stiff and feeling a bit "robotic" and this has already given me the mobility and suppleness I needed. Thanks, Christine! As usual, perfectly cued, spot on poses and a great overall feeling.
Meilyn Segura Vasquez
All of them are a wonderful team that let me advance on my practice and be healthy. It is very important to me to strengthen my body and allow it to have such a good mobility. So grateful with all of you guys to helping us to be better and to be well day by day.
Wes Boyd
Really needed this one. Was feeling very restricted and this did wonders for me today. Thanks!