Spice Up Your Life

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.Spice Up <b>Your Life</b>.
Spice Up Your Life
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

Starting in Downward Facing Dog, this 30 minute power yoga class focuses on a combination of mobility and flexibility, strength and balance as you move through postures such as High Skandasana, Side Plank variations, Malasana and an optional Headstand. Get ready to incorporate new transitions while focusing on proper alignment, physical stability and inner equanimity to spice up your life with new and exciting challenges as you expand your growing edge.

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Laura Molfetas
My favorite 30 min class! Wonderful sequence, nice variety of strength, cardio and flexibility.
Classic FLOWREN!
Christina Vedder
Powerful! Transitions are quite fast but bring a good sweat and made me become one with the movement and be in the moment.
nice to try something new and not to get angry or frustated when you get loss. (next time please ask the camera guy to focus where the action is going...) namaste
I echo a previous comment! LOVE this flow and would love it in a 60 minute class! Thanks Lauren :)
Felipe Morales
As always, having a class with you ends up with my crying like a baby! Thank you so much Lauren, for every class, every word, every breath.
Amazing!!! More of this please!!! Maybe a program?? Dance program 🙏🏻
This was challenging but I felt it was one of the best 30-minute practices I've done and I appreciated learning some new poses. As always, the clear and concise instruction throughout makes a world of difference in navigating a new program.
Rina Nir
Beautiful flow. Very unusual, and will require me to run several times through it until I figure out all the transitions. Good mix of power, balance and flexibility. Thank you
Floriya Tsankova
I absolutely loved this class!! Appreciate the novelty, getting a new perspective on things and also appreciate the sweat on my face :) Thank you, Lauren!
amazing flow
Definitely had to pay attention to this one! Had fun trying something new!
Beatrix Collins
i like the traditional flows more than these style of yoga...
Rafaela Hänggi
Such a wonderful class! So inspiring, so creative - thank you Lauren, you just made my day!
Thank you Lauren but could you turn it up in a one hour long class? 30mn is just too short
very challenging for my stiff mind. i got lost so many times and yet had fun with it. definitely i will master this class with time. thank You Lauren, that is because of Your teachings i can do that. besides i did headstand with no pain for the first time in my life. my mat and IDTV are what allows me to survive my life. Many grateful bows to Krsna, Ramtha, Lauren, Travis and Brent. i have always been such a mess and thanks to You i finally can smile and be relatively calm even under offensive ukrainian invasion. You are saving me every day. Literally. Thank You, thank You, thank You.
Wonderful as always Lauren :)