Slow Flow

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.Slow <b>Flow</b>.
Slow Flow
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
30 Minutes

Very often in life we move at a hurried and frenetic pace thrusting our nervous system out of balance. In this gentle yoga class, Travis invites you to slow down. Naturally, as you breathe and move slower, stress decreases and tranquility increases. Prepare to move through a combination of standing and seated poses in a slow, deep and mindful way.

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Such a calming, soothing treat. It's nice knowing I can come to this whenever I need it.
I am recovering from knee surgery. This is perfect! Love the poses and pace.
Im flowing with calm yin enery right now
Isabella Chiodino
Just perfect. I really needed these flow and words. Love it
Margrit Schlatter
Venetia Robinson
Awesome flow and such a beautiful Native American blessing x@ Love it! Thank you! Namaste :-)
Conny Polster
That was beautiful! Thank you!!!
Nora Zietz
Come back to balance, come back to health. Exactly. Travis is the guide.
magali millou
so s seems duration of 5 mns...amazing feeling yo be lost in time.
Ingrid Koster
Slow but steady, and was moved by your last quotes.
Aurore Padenou
Delicious flow on a cold wintery night
Exactly what my body needed today! Wonderful practice!
Sheila Bowen
Oh My!!! This was exactly what I needed! Thank you for this peaceful ending to the Holiday! I will use this often! Amazing!
Robby Beauchamp
Thanks for posting during Thanksgiving break. My 80 year old mom joined us for the gentle flow. Thanks for this sequence.
I love the light, relaxed room you are doing yoga in. The yoga was what my body needed after weight training. Thank you! I need the light room as I do yoga as soon as I wake up.
Hayley Trower
Exactly what I was looking for to soothe and nurture my tense upper back and shoulders. Lovely.
Trina ioviero
This was sooo spot-on!!! I found this at the end of a horrific two days, with more challenges to come. Before I went to the Flexibility & Beyond Course, this appeared first and voila! This was real sweet & slow medicine. Blessed Be.