Slow Down
Body + Mind

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.<b>Slow Down</b> <br/>Body + Mind.
Slow Down
Body + Mind
Led by: Chris Walker
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
20 Minutes

When we move fast we can miss the little things. To slow down calms our mind. To slow down our mind calms the body. In this yin practice we put an intention on both to feel the freedom and softness that comes through slowing down.

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Nora Zietz
Amazing presence, very effective. Thank you...
Mylène Tassy
well done
Beautiful Chris....sweet and soft, THANK YOU!
Trina ioviero
A most excellent show-down Yin practice!! Especially the OM chant at beginning and end!!! I came away more centered, metered, and serene!!! Thank you kindly. Namaste
Thank you, Chris, your class helped me to slow down!
Perfect for when you have just a bit of time to relax. I loved everything about this class!
Toni Pescud
Love short & sweet time out & stretch :)
Jennifer Cevik
Great class Chris. Thank you
Renee Minor
ty for a relaxing class...inspiring words and soothing music...a perfect dose of tranquility.
Sebastian Willeke
Loved the class with Chris!
jariana le Roux
i love your quirky energy Chris 👌🏻