Simple is Sophisticated

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.Simple is <b>Sophisticated</b>.
Simple is Sophisticated
Led by: Paul Teodo
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
No Props
Slow Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

This class is an introduction to a power yoga flow, mixed with a more traditional hatha practice. We take basic poses, focus on specific alignment and hold them until they burn a little bit.

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Simple but hit the spot!
Sarika Amerasinghe
Nice hatha flow 👍🏾
Brad Stephenson
Beautiful class.
Stephanie Smits
Recovering from an injury, this was the perfect practice to ease back into Yoga. Paul's cues are spot on and his voice is so calm and relaxing. Thank you!
Toni Pescud
Really sore & tired body today & exactly what I needed to just go back to basics, connect, explore...wonderful class & cues..thank you :)
Renee Minor
Always superb cues for alignment. ty
Awesome class, Paul! Revisiting some "classics" in a slow, mindful way and devoting some time to enjoy them (or struggle with them ;-) ) Thanks!
Hits the spot! Solid! Excellent cues, thank you Paul!!!! Namaste
Beautiful less is more Thank you
Missy Hinegardner
How nice to settle into these poses and marinate. Thank you!!!! We need more like this!!
My body thanked me for slowing down enough to do this class. Familiar poses and longer holds made this a true moving meditation. Thanks, Paul!
Renee Minor
More classes please that focus on alignment. Peaceful music and great wisdom.
Silvia Matei
I love this class for my low-energy mornings.
heidi smith
A lovely practice for a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Thank you , just what i needed!
Russell Robinson
Nice and simple.
Caron Lynn
Simple. Sophisticated. Sublime.
Jennifer Cevik
This is an excellent class coming back from having the flu and a lower back problem. It was just enough. Thank you