Simple and Effective

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.Simple and <b>Effective</b>.
Simple and Effective
Led by: Erin Rose Ward
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
No Props
Slow Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

This Tantric Hatha inspired practice focuses on postures that support not only the musculature of the physical body but also the organ systems, the nervous system, immune function, and mental clarity. A simple, slightly different, and highly effective approach to practice.

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Cindy Kidger
Erin's classes are incredible. More like these would be very much appreciated. Thank you
Sandra Grundstoff
Love this! Happy to find a class here that focuses on the deeper potential of yoga through kriyas, bandhas and slow outbreaths, integrating all of that into the asana practice. I got a good stretch and coreworkout at the same time. Erin, your voice and pace is so sweet. Thank you!!
Indu gowda
Sooooo Amazing!! Erin you and your classes are marvelous! Such a peaceful feeling after class!
Medicine. Thank you 🙏 more like this class please 🙏
Chris Marsh
perfect class from a brilliant instructor.
Friedrich Oldenburg
It helps me !!!
Aurore Padenou
Nice and sweet practice that made me cry. Must have some things to release... Very nice and interesting work with the breath. Thanks Erin
Jennifer Cevik
Thank you Erin, you are a true gem.
Emelie Anna Sandberg
Love your classes Erin. Thank you so much!
Thanks Erin for this nice Soft Practice. Ideal to start the day, for this sort of morning when you feel you don't have enough "brain energy" to go in a power Flow. and also perfedt to reconnect with your inner Self. Thank you so much for the energy you arise with smile and Joy . Namaste 🙏🏻✨
Amazing practice. So profound to work this way. Really left me with a connection to my deeper self. Thank you for bringing this way of being to us. You are a Beautiful Soul! Thank you for sharing your gifts. Namaste
magali millou
thanks again for these beautifull practices
Wonderful, simple but strong practice. Thank you Erin. What a great class
Renee Minor
Wow...such a beautiful practice with breath and movement. Enjoyed the core work, and the music was the final touch. ty bunches.
What a gorgeous practice!! Loved every bit. As you rightl say, simple (no fancy poses or flows) but I can feel my core super activated and a sense of energy that gets me ready for the day. Love the breath work paired up the way you do it (unusual and awkward to start with, but loving it!) and especially, love how I feel after the practice. Thanks, Erin, for your amazing guidance and love on what you share.