Self Care

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.Self <b>Care</b>.
Self Care
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
45 Minutes

Gentle yoga may gift you a feeling of replenishment, nourishment, or increased awareness of your most pressing needs. Inspired by today’s practice, this exercise asks you to respond with tenderness and dedication to those needs. Your needs might include rejuvenation, downtime, or wellbeing. In a culture that promotes “busy is better” and “no rest for the weary,” you can quickly feel disconnected from your highest potential by getting trapped in a cycle of stress, exhaustion, and overexertion. In order to authentically connect with others, you must first create a foundation of inner connection to your Self. Learning to acknowledge and respond to your needs is the first step. Remember, “The journey begins within…”

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Katie Tucker
Fantastic gentle practice. Great way to start the week. No need to push so hard. This has such a lovely gentle flow and wonderful floor stretches. Thank you!!
Linda Pierce
Loved this practice. It feels like coming home.
Julie Lilienthal
Beautiful loving practice. Mochas gracias for all the wisdom you share. Sending much love from El Salvador.
Rafaela Hänggi
Fantastic gentle yoga practice! Perfect for rest-days or days, when you don't feel like doing a sweaty workout. Thank you Lauren for this one.
Beautiful practice. I feel amazing after. Thank you, as always, Lauren. Namaste.
Outstanding class.
Lovely! Simple, gentle and lovely. Thank you, Lauren. Namaste. <3
So sweet and gentle!
This is one of my favorites to finish off my week with some gentle movement, a bit of stretch and self care.
Excellent gentle and yin yoga mix. The self care reminders are spot on. Music is soothing. Lauren is an awesome teacher