Prana Power

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.Prana <b>Power</b>.
Prana Power
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
30 Minutes

Prana is a source of energy that is infinite. From beginning, to middle, to end, we will tap into specific energizing Pranayama techniques woven through a sequence of poses intended to invigorate the body, mind, and soul. Together, we will tap into the unlimited potential of Prana.

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Robin Hertz
I think this class is mis-categorized. It's not gentle! It's pretty fast-paced and energizing. I don't think it's a bad class, it's just not what I was looking for.
Alexa Veitia
Love you class! Thank you!
Marjan Buseyne
Thank you, beautiful energy you got )( namasté )(
Elena Nesterova
Thank you!
Cindy Engel
It was a very interesting and challenging class but I do not agree this is gentle yoga or for all levels (not for beginners at all)
Thanks for your practice. However, It's too talkative for me, which I find distracting me from connecting to my body and breath. I was not able to enjoy the poses because of the too many words said and sometimes I miss the cues to change poses. I also think labelling it as "gentle" yoga is somewhat misleading.
A very nice practice! Thank you, Mychal! I don't think I would label it as Gentle Yoga, however, with the Chaturangas and the Warrior II's. But a nice all levels low intensity Power Yoga class.
Erika Rochow
This was not what I was expecting, it was better! Absolutely amazing in that gentle flow, healing way, with just the right amount of intensity. Mychal has such a wonderful way of teaching that is joyous and patient. I wish I could do an in person class.
Joyful Mychal! Thanks for the prana, for sharing your gorgeous energy, for awakaning ours and let it flow and radiate. Today it was one of those days that my sleep was really interrupted and I dragged myself out of bed ... so I chose this class to bring me back to life and it certainly did!!! I am ready for an outstanding day!!! Namaste, Mychal!
T E Rabie
Wonderful practice. Thank you.
Eliza Turkiewicz
Oh, Universe, I felt in love :) Thanks Michael for the great practice. Also, you shine and look very well. Nice to see this :)
amanda arthur
Love it
Claudia Nehrkorn
What a joyful practice! I didn't want it to end :)
Deirdre Riley
Thank you Mychal, beautiful way to start the day. xoxo
Loved it! I will return to this many times!
Jaizel Lopez
Beautiful class, thanks Mychal you look shinning
Michal you're a gem of a teacher, this was powerful and I felt tears when doing breath of joy. Thank you so much for your beautiful smile, words and practice