Power to the People 2

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.<b>Power</b> to the People 2.
Power to the People 2
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

An extravaganza of arm balances! This practice will teach you how to integrate your understanding of core engagement in a way that helps you get into a variety of arm balances, including Ashtavakrasana, Koundinyasana, Flying Pigeon and more.

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One of the best class ! I probably will come back for another 100 times to get into those poses.. what a blissful journey into the deep self
Gregory Kwoka
I was a little intimidated by some of the comments I read when this one came out, and now that I gave it a try I was surprised by how many of the poses I could do. Even if I didn't fully succeded I gave them a try, and I had a lot of fun. I love Brents honesty and teaching. This was amazing!!!!
Though I could not fly my pigeon, or do the tripod headstand series, this class was so much fun and just what I needed on a day I did not feel like practicing. Personally, it is gentler than Vinyasa and the Power to the People 1.
This was pure insanity!! But how much I love this craziness!! I even struggled through the warm-up... but managed to fly the pigeon (yay!!) so that's enough for me to feel extremely accomplished. And, the best, I could try, experiment, fall and laugh a lot. Watching Brent is so amazing! I have the hope and willingness to achieve another pose, so I will revisit and keep failing... until I don't! ;-) Thanks, Brent, for getting us out of the comfort zone and pushing us. (on a different note, the only thing that I did not enjoy much was the music in savasana. I found it far from relaxing. That's my two-cents to improve the class, at least from my humble point of view)
Vibe for this class... f' it let's play. I don't think I will ever be able to do all of these poses but I sure had fun trying. The strength and flexibility of Brent show how hard he has worked on all of this over the decades. Really impressive.
Great direction and what a challenge. This is not normally in my practice and i had to adapt . watched, learn and did what i could! Thank you
As always nice and insipiring. Currently way away from being to able to do some of the poses.
Irene Frezzato
one of the best classes ever done!! you're a great teacher! Thank you!!! irene
Aenea Lamia
Oh wow, this was spectacularly challenging and fun, my triceps gave out at the 34' minute mark! I loved it, and will come back to it regularly, it offers so much growth potential. The tip about bending the knee fully (to have a flat surface on which to balance) unlocked 1-legged crow for me, I was euphoric! Brent's classes are treasures, I'm so grateful that he's an ID teacher!