Power Lunge

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.<b>Power</b> Lunge.
Power Lunge
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Functional Fitness
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

Lunging is a foundational human movement pattern that helps us walk, hike, and run with more strength and efficiency. In this practice we will take time to create space in the hips and explore the powerful capabilities of our legs and minds. In this class we will be flowing through creative bridges, crescent lunge variations, and Eka Pada Parivrtta Tadasana (one-legged revolving mountain pose).

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Sarah Laevaert
Great strong class! Even more so because I 'warmed up' with a 20 minutes of your Core series (planks!). If I would have known... ;-). Thank you, love your style, your classes really get my mind very quiet!!!
Thanks for this great one Mychal. really deep , great work .
Gabi Koroluk
great, very intense but possible
Hurts so good!
Intense. Love it.
Renee Minor
The pace and flow were perfect to allow time to really feel and breathe into the poses. I so enjoy the slower strength classes. Well done! Renee
Geneviève Couture
Thank you for this practice! I really enjoyed the alignments you were giving. Great tips!
Laura Molfetas
Love this practice. It was slow, controlled and had a great mix of balance, strength And flexibility. Look forward to doing it again
silvia araujo
Great practice, thank you so much :)
samanta carpeggiani
stroooong!!! I love it!
Thks for this finally very challenging flow.
Oh my, that was one h**l of a practice, Mychal ! You always know how to take the challenge up a notch but this one went up a few notches. I agree with another reviewer who commented that your pace was absolutely right to allow each posture to be fully experienced, and your mellifluous voice gave me the endurance I needed to keep going. I definitely felt you were right with me. Thank you.
Brilliant ! Thanks ! xx
wendy mazursky
Phenomenal practice! Thank you so much for this class.
The power in this practice for me was feeling EMpowered! Wow. What a dope practice! From the music, the warm-up stretches and challenges, to the strength/vinyasa challenges...balanced with upper body strengthening, twisting, and standing balance????!!!! This has it ALL. And the gentle, steady, calm and encouraging direction/guidance is delivered beautifully by Mychal. This will be a favorite! Thank you Mychal.
Perfect. Slow but dynamic flow. My favourite. Thank you.