Power Hour

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.<b>Power</b> Hour.
Power Hour
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This 60-minute practice will empower you through a combination of balance, strength, core activation, and breath-to-movement rhythm.

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What an absolutely incredible class! Loved the attention to breath and the pace for a slow morning! Thank you Mychal!!
What a beautiful class! Thanks, Mychal, for always surprising us with unexpected moves and combos. I really enjoy the power poses (lifting toes in plank, chaturangas with one leg, chairs on toes), balances, classic poses, all combined with some good stretches and wonderful sense of humour.
Great class and instructor! "Depressed shoulders are actually happy shoulders" gave me the giggles hahaha, Namaste from Brazil!
excellent practice for a Sunday morning. Thank you Mychal
Great flow, slow strong flow then nice stretch and twist towards the end. Namaste!