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Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
Power Yoga
20 Minutes

Staying open to new ideas can be extremely challenging, especially when we think we already know what’s right, what’s wrong, what works, and what doesn’t. Through a playful exploration of lunges, hip openers and core activations, this practice encourages you to open up to new ideas, and consequently new possibilities.

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Aaaahhh... Loved this practice as a warm-up. But the talk while in seated lotus was the best moment for me. I woke up feeling in a strange ultimatum state of body, mind & soul, and hearing this beautiful teacher talk about openness helped me open up alternative thoughts & feelings and rinse the uneasiness off of my day - Rocio
Russell Robinson
Lovely class
Always love Brent's classes, always so challenging.
Kirsten Hanser
love it so much- thanks for lots of creative vibes
Alejandro Angel Pais
I feel great
Brent, your practices are always 5 stars+ They all are in my favorite list. Namaste 🙏🏽
Margaret DeCavele
Thank you for such a great blood flowing practice. I was a little tight in my left hamstring/hip area and now I can feel the cooling where there was pain. I wish this practice could have an extended version.
This was an intense, inventive practice. Even the meditation was illuminating.
Viktoria Werner
really nice short and unconventional practice when u re short on time and not sure what ur body needs but u want to move and explore what your body can do
Excellent class! Thank you, Brent!
lucia de Abreu katzenstein
In 20 min this class was surprising, invigorating!
I adore the amazing combo always of strength, flexibility and spirituality in Brent's classes. This was no exception and I keep coming back to all his practices, since they also take me to that openness, to get out of my comfort zone. Thanks so much, Brent!! Keep surprising us!!
With Brent I learned to be open to possibilities! Good job Brent!
Wow! I love how every practice with Brent is full of wonderful surprises! Namaste
Barbara Rosenman
Thank you Brent for this beautiful practice. It's just what I needed; it's definitely on my favorite list. Namaste.
Your classes are always on my repeat list, excellent as always..... Keep them coming please. Thank you Brent
Excellent 20 minute practice. Perfect midday boost after sitting in a chair all morning. Thank you, Brent.