Open Sesame

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.<b>Open</b> Sesame.
Open Sesame
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Functional Fitness
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This class is all about creating awareness, space, and strength, particularly in the inner thighs. Get ready to open up and elevate your heart rate.

Props: 2 blocks

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one of my new favourites to destress. I love the clear instructions and voice modulation. Thank you Namaste
Mirja Serrao
Wow, what a nice and grounding Flow! I love practicing with Mychal - he is such a treasure - Namaste
Happy Hour!!! Feels like this is accessible to most. Love the pace, felt right for focusing on proper form! Building strength, thank you Mychal!
Loved the class, feel super peaceful after. The warmup was especially amazing. I really appreciate thorough warmups. Thank you Mychal, Namaste
Claudia Gabler
Thank you for making me sweat, Mychal - in a very good way!
Not only did my hips feel amazing after this class but so did the space in my mind. Thank you!
Thank you, Michael. This is a truly wonderful power class that really opens up the thighs and hip joints. Fastening the hart rate followed by very short breathing pauses was so lovely. Very balanced with some longer holds...everything about it really, very well thought through. First try, but totally already in my top favorite classes.
i found it difficult to breathe consistently throughout in this particular session; "breathe in" "breathe out" reminders with each pose are not integrated consistently into the instruction.
Beautiful and strong class :) Namaste Thank you, Teresa ;
Really love the combination of challenging and opening poses! Love the pace and th e intructions were great!
Great class!
Really enjoyed this class and just what I needed today. A few different moves and challenging and invigorating but also a great stretch too. Thank you Mychal 🙏
Fantastic class and an outstanding, extremly sympatic teacher. Thks Mychal - also for coming classes :)
My first class with Mychal and loved it. It's well balanced and I especially like the postures that work on mobility in different planes. I look forward to doing more of his classes and hope to see more like this one.
Hannah Higgins
My favorite class here so far! This class is great for challenging yourself and tuning in when necessary. Thank you!
loved it! Just what I needed today :)
I absolutely loved this class! It's challenging for inner thighs indeed, but also hard on your glutes (can't have enough of those), core and even shoulders. Very balanced in all senses (strength, stamina, stretching...) and fabulously taught by Mychal. Mychal, it would be amazing to have a 360 but this time, instead of core, focused on glutes/inner thighs/lower back (just saying! ;-) ). Thanks so much for your knowledge, attention and care (and your everlasting smile!)