Melt into the Earth

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.Melt into the <b>Earth</b>.
Melt into the Earth
Led by: Paul Teodo
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga
60 Minutes

This is a YIN yoga class that is comprehensive and targets the entire body. In this class, we keep it simple and only explore more basic yin postures. It’s a great class for beginners, or athletes who are strong, but lack openness in their connective tissue.

2 blocks, a strap, one bolster

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Thanks!! lovedthistime...
Isha Moktan
Loved the sequence and all the postures, but I must be the only one who couldn't vibe with the music. I love my yoga with music, however I found this particular tune terribly distracting for me.
This was an excellent yin session. First practice with this instructor and he offers a very calming and flowing practice. Thank you!
I loved this class, it was perfect for what I need right now. I also loved the music.
magali millou
wonderfull class...please more like this...and the music is great..thank you
Brad Stephenson
Awesome instructor and sequencing with the Christmas music being the cherry on top.
Dawn Price
Sooooo good. Period. Thank you. Shanti.
Erin Easterly
I love this instructor! He is very calm and grounded. HIs energy makes it easy to relax into the poses.
Trina ioviero
A fellow member praised this component; so I added it into my favorites and completed it!!! It was just what was needed to delve into tonight; tending to my Dad in his terminal days at home/hospice support, I'm aware of self-care, and I'm pretty consistant with doing the programs, and when faced with an "odd day out," I'm so grateful that there is so much here to explore. Namaste.
mutlu dinckok
just the right amount of talking great music very very nice class thank you.
Shivani Yardi
An absolute treat for the body and soul! I really felt like I melted into the ground with all the weariness and weight of the day being washed away gently. Beautiful and calming presence of Paul.
It was great for my lower back! Thanks
The music…pure bliss. Wonderful class!
Lorraine Jones
Paul's classes are starting to become firm favourites of mine. He's a wonderful teacher, and in this yin class I found myself melting into the poses and 'softening my skin'. At times I found the music distracting even though it was beautiful, so next time I will listen without. It's so good to have that option - thank you IDTV, and thank you Paul!
Georgia Ayling
A lovely yin practice, thank you.
what a lovely way to spend 1 hour, super relaxing.