Mandala Flow

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.Mandala <b>Flow</b>.
Mandala Flow
Led by: Chris Walker
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
30 Minutes

In Yoga, just like many other things in life, we can get stuck in a box. The top, the bottom, the right, the left: always the predictable pattern. In this practice we will gently dissolve the walls of that box, aka that yoga mat, and softly flow to explore all the angles of the mat, the body and ultimately life.

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Ben Ice
Fantastic. Simultaneously fun and serious. Chris is genuinely funny and authentic.
Andreia Marques
One of my favourites! Thank you Chris ☺️
Marjan Buseyne
Loved this mandala yoga really much. Thanks! )(
Jaizel Lopez
Loved this creative gentle flow, thanks much Chris, great addition to IDTV
Glenn Meininger
Love your uniqueness
Chi mi ama mi segua, ndo? Boh!? Adriano
Brother, this is so chill! Love to see more! Including a mediation 🙏
Davinia Gray
I really enjoyed the flow and his cool, relatable energy. The only thing to improve is the cues for changes in flow. Thank you immensely. Your class has literally left me smiling like a crazy fool. ;-)
Thanks, Chris, for gently "spinning us around' the mat and giving us different perspectives. The class keeps me very focused (to ensure I am in the right place) and very present. And it also went really fast!! It's gentle yet invigorating and fabulous to start the morning. Good stretches and beautiful moves. Keep bringing them!!
Jennifer Cevik
I really enjoy your classes. Thank you Chris.
I enjoyed the creative flow, but wish the cues could be more clear and precise. Thank you Chris.
Erica Case
Poor verbal directions.
Loved it such a sweet medicine tor my body & soul..
Rafaela Hänggi
I love your thinking out loud kind of style - felt authentic and was a nice sweet practice! I am looking forward to more of your classes!
Such a sweet chilled flow. Thanks Chris, you left me with a big smile on my face!
Susan Hendler Lubar
Excellent flow. Would love to see more like this.
A delicate & perfect class, thanks!