Low Back Love

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.<b>Low Back</b> Love.
Low Back Love
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
20 Minutes

A super gentle practice meant to help soothe and release pain in your lower back. Take your time to move slowly and breathe deeply while exploring a short sequence of gentle twists, forward folds and hip openers.

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Dana Calloway
Amazing practice! I've done this one before and it always takes my low back pain away. Thank you!
Dana Calloway
AMAZING practice! It helped to lessen my lower back pain. I will be doing this again and again. Thank you very much!
I certainly overdid my weight training yesterday and this morning my body was complaining. This is EXACTLY what it needed. Love, the right moves and Brent's guidance. Thanks, Brent, for always giving the best cues and amazing moves.
magali millou
my low back says thank you.
Sarah Brown
Thank you Brent! Just what I needed today!
I will do this regularly. This session took care of my lower back pain :)
Diane Davies
Thank you for this lovely practice Brent ... this was perfect for my lower back pain this morning ... I couldn't have done anything else!
T E Rabie
A wonderfully soothing and healing 20 minutes. Feels great. Thank you.
Russell Robinson
Really hit the spot and alleviated my pain. I'm sure I will revisit it often. Thanks, Brent!
Soraya Gwynne-Evans
Wow! I've just come back after 3 weeks due to a back injury and this was perfect. Everything you said was so true! Thank you!
Evelyne Mocha Nyokangi
this was exactly what my back needed. thank you brent
it was nice to begin my day with awareness to my movement and the care of my body.
Renee Minor
Always a great class from Brent...so knowledgeable. Could you consider a therapeutic class for knees? ty Renee
LOVE for Low Back Love. This practice is great for stiff hips too. The music, instruction and soothing voice were perfection. Thank you Brent and IDTV
Nicky Breedt
Wow what an amazing class! Really enjoyed the slow mindful movements and the calm voice!