Letting Go

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.<b>Letting</b> Go.
Letting Go
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Yin Yoga

In yoga, the word for ‘Letting Go’ is aparigraha. In this hour-long yin yoga class guided by Travis you will practice letting go of tension and stress. This practice includes yin postures for the chest, shoulders, spine and hips. By the end, expect to feel light and free.

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A fabulous full body yin class. Just divine!
Katie Tucker
Fabulous Yin as usual. Love the words of wisdom and some quiet too. Many thanks!! Yin is medicine!
Nora Zietz
Please continue to always include your commentary. It is inspiring and healing. Lovely session, as usual. Thank you.
This is my favorite Yin class. It does the job every time. When I do some of the other practices, I miss this one, its so comprehensive! Plus, the set on this series is so beautiful and calming. I like the solo classes!
Nada Elrafei
I loved this yin yoga class. I have started doing an hour of yin yoga every morning and this practice has completely changed my life. I was introduced to Travis through his podcast. Loved this class and his podcast and can't wait to try more of his classes
Lina Boutaleb
As always, thank you Travis for this session, all of it was deep relaxation, emotional space and expression, and intention setting.
Ellie Kellett
Very healing and refreshing, very grateful for this practice
Marianne Gravel-Poiré
The best yin class yet! very complete, thank you
Alexandra Hinkel
Thank you so much. Makes me cry a lot, a lot which has to go away...
This just got me in my feelings! Thank you Travis, amazing practice. Xx
Monique Burris
I love so many of your classes but this was really brought out the tension and the tears ! Thank you for the enlightenment <3
Andra Samoila
One of the best yin practices! Thank you so much, Travis! It's like you are talking to me through the screen. Great experience.
Every time I do yin yoga I think I should do yin yoga more often. Such an amazing class, true meditation for muscles (and brain). Thank you
I absolutely love yin yoga, is it wrong just to do yin ? I've been doing a cross section of the classes for the past year but yin just draws me in.
i feel great... thank you always
Ahhh-mazing! Everything at peace, everything relaxed. Let go...great Yin practice as always Travis and thank you!
New favorite yin class. Transformative.