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Led by: Denise Antoine
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

There will be times in your life when you are thriving – blissfully flowing with gratitude and abundance. There will also be moments when you feel as if you are coasting on reserve and running on fumes. This power yoga practice is here for you during whatever season you are currently experiencing. Denise’s unique teaching style will challenge your body and support your continued inner peace. Cultivate tools to create joy in your heart, regardless of what is happening in your life or amongst the collective surrounding you. Land with Denise in a safe space to take off your mask of perfection, breathe deeply, sweat unapologetically and flow to the rhythm of your heartbeat. Joy is a choice. Choose joy, today.

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Thank you for a lesson of pure joy. I am full of good energy and gratitude. naama
Kristina Henneberg
Well-rounded class for the mind, body, and soul. Thank you, Denise! Namaste.
mutlu dinckok
not the regular power yoga but still good practice
Lovely joyful class!
Beautiful practice with beautiful words to match!
An instant fave. I left the mat feeling expanded in every way. Thanks, Denise!
It was a beautiful practice. Denise is so graceful and flowing in her movements, Thankyou so much!
Not only was this class FANTASTIC, sequenced beautifully, cued so timely, and executed with JOY, but I found out I get to be "Refrigerator Friends" with Denise!! Thank you for making this space safe and so connected!
amazing class
Day two of Transformation and I am loving it! Thank you for this give at the absolute prefect time. My first class with Denise and it was pure JOY!
I SO loved this practice! I thought Denise was amazing! (My first time doing a practice with Denise.) I loved not only the flow and poses but everything about it. I think this was the first time - ever - that the things the instructor was saying actually made me think. Thank you Denise!
Great program with the right pace. There is the opportunity to skip the very diffcult poses, without missing anything. Thank you.
Denise is a healing and wonderful soul. Thank you for the practice.
Claudia Gabler
Thank you Denise for bringing the joy on to my mat! Love and blessings from Switzerland. Namaste.
This is very different but great practice. I am amazed how graceful Denise is. She does yoga like ballet.