It's Ok

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It's Ok
Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
15 Mins
All Levels
15 Minutes

This is a meditation to invite acceptance into our lives. The more we can not only be aware of things as they are, but begin to accept them as is, the more room we have to embrace the things we once labeled as imperfect and allow them to be a part of our experience.

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Rania Zayan
Beautiful ❤
Karen Lambourn
Just beautiful and very grounding for me . Thank you ❤️
I'm sharing this meditation with my sisters and my mom IMMEDIATELY. Just a gift to find this at Christmas...during Covid. The deep release and acceptance that comes thru repetition of Brittney speaking "It's Okay..." was welcomed into my soul. Thank you, Brittney. Beautiful!