In the Flow

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.In the <b>Flow</b>.
In the Flow
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
20 Minutes

Research shows a correlation between happiness and being in the flow, or what’s known as the “flow state” — similar to an athlete being in the zone. In this practice prepare to get into the flow — yoga style…enjoy!

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Love the sequences. Thank you.
Alice Fele
First class I did here on Inner Dimension. Amazing. Thank you Travis!
Nadine Korpus
short but perfect; after all those 60min classes I did, a class like this feels like a nice warm-up^^
amazing flow!
Gabriela Muheim
Treino curto e energizante! Muito bom, grata
one of the best... really enjoyed.
I had just about 20 minutes for a class to transition into my day and this was perfect. A nice couple rounds of warming up and into a warrior flow - Thank you Travis!
Great for a caothic day like today for me!! Blood pumping, happy feeling and all body touching. Thank you Travis!!!
Absolutely one of my favorite sequences ever. Travis you're a godsend!
John Royce
Nice quick yet productive flow — loved the workout!
On a busy work day for me like today, I often take the 30 or 60 min classes, and cut them short. I saw this 20 min class and knew it was for me! Terrific and I squeezed in about 60 push-ups during the flow. Even though gyms are open now, this online yoga is here to stay for me when I have a tight schedule. I close my office door and pull out the yoga mat!
Nice. I love these short and sweet flows and yin practices, guys. Thanks for remembering that sometimes we don’t always have time for an hour of bliss.
Saphia Sheikh
Really needed this. I have found it hard to get on my mat in the mornings as the thought of an hour was difficult to digest. Love this as now I can build my time up again. 🙏🏽
Sangita Goyal
Loved it. Just right when there is a lack of time. Short but has the punch to get you going. Sangeeta
I looooved the sequencing of this sweet sweet flow! Hit every spot and worked up a sweat! Great 20 minute practice!
Short but fine. It was qute apropriate for me now that I had lack of time. Thank you Travis. Always amzing.
Short and sweet, Travis always delivers. Don't let the 20 minutes fool you, you will work up a sweat. I love the challenge of having to get into the zone right away and make the most of time on the mat. This class is truly a moving meditation. Thank you!