I Don't Want
to Practice

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I Don't Want
to Practice
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
30 Minutes

There are some days, for whatever reason, when we have the thought, “I don’t want to practice” but so often we know that practice is exactly the medicine we need. This is the perfect practice at the end of demanding days. You’ll move through gentle pranayama, simple standing postures such as Warrior II, a dose of yin yoga with half splits and Janu Sirsasana, and a closing restorative pose to help you create the shift your body and mind need.

A bolster and 2 blocks are suggested for this practice.

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touched every fibre of my being and soul, and was exactly what i needed tonight. thank you for your gift lauren!
Katie Tucker
Lovely. I really didn't feel like much today and this was perfect. Even did a couple Sun Sals. So sweet and mellow. Thank you!!
Els Verbrugge
Really wonderful session, thanks Lauren! Had to pause in the middle and let a little river of tears flow. Of course, not wanting to feel these emotions was what was causing my resistance. Really happy to have found a practice that can help me to access these deeper emotional layers, as it sometimes is hard to access them without help.
The title of this class is what brought me in, probably because I've thought it many times and here's a little class to challenge that thought. Lauren's steady voice is powerful in transforming the mehs into ahhhs.
Margrit Schlatter
A wonderful practice for my 72 year old body. Thank you Lauren.🙏
Venetia Robinson
So lovely - thank you
Nora Zietz
I really did not want to be on the mat today - my back was sore from too many yoga sessions and outdoor work, all I wanted was a back massage. THIS did it... absolutely lovely, thank you Lauren.
Cindy Engel
A lovely start to my day.
Evelyn Liu
Excellent gentle yoga for days when I'm not motivated to practice!
Toni Pescud
Excellent class and going to take to my beginners...Just so lovely...many thanks :) x
I feel like I was doing myself self-love and self-care. Thank you Lauren.
Felix Conrad
I feel like butter! Your practice is wonderfull calming.
Felix Wahl
It was what my body and mind needed. Also heartwarming and it touched my soul. Thank you so much.
Eliza Turkiewicz
Sweet and delicate. Just perfect :)
Nadine Korpus
Perfect workout if you´re not so much in the mood, Lauren got me to even want to do some more vinyasas :-)
Today, after too little sleep last night, this was the perfect practice for me. Beautiful pacing and poses, and also a beautiful and serene setting. It flowed together perfectly!
I don’t want to but I did ! I feel so grateful for this beautiful flow that left me so emotional. Namaste