& Hammies

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.<b>Hips</b><br/> & Hammies.
& Hammies
Led by: Paul Teodo
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This power yoga flow focuses on building strength through the lower body, and includes movements and postures designed to target external hip mobility and hamstring strength and stability, such as Koundinyasana II and Vasisthasana B. This is an ALL Levels class with moderate intensity. 

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Cristina Froehner
Beautiful strong practice. I cant quite believe I did that tricky pose after side crow. Must have been in the zone and body was super prepared. Thank you so much.
As a beginner, super hard! Lots of opportunities to slow down and take it at my pace and I appreciated that. Kicked butt and left a sweaty puddle on the mat. Hoorah
Erin Easterly
This is my new favorite class! It was the perfect tempo, allowing for deeper holds, while still requiring strength and stamina. Thank you!
Jaclyn Turner
Beautiful words, loved the stretches and strengthening - all around a wonderful practice!
Insiya Qaiyumi’s
Need more of your classes paul !loving them completely 👍
jonathan nainggolan
Finishing this class feeling energised and ready for the day! Great one, keep it up!
Beautiful sequence with a strong finish. I love your mantra at the end ❤
Margaret DeCavele
This class challenges my core and lower body. I felt a nice release of tension balanced with a nice fiery flow. Time also flew quickly by, very nice class.
Awesome strong and steady power yoga practice!
I was skeptical at first and even slightly frustrated with the pace as I am used to a quicker pace. I actually felt like stopping the class at one point which is unlike me so I persevered instead and by the end I was in corpse pose and feeling a sense of peace I had not felt in a long long long time. Thank you so much.
Ruth Henriquez Lyon
Very very nice. Not too easy, not too difficult. . .just right. The piano music reminded me a little of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, which I used to watch about 50 years ago. It made me feel safe and cared for.
Carol Amezquita
The best I did for a while, thanks!
A little bit different and challenging - I liked it a lot. Can we have a little more guidance re positioning please though as not so used to your style -thank you 🙏
Nadine Korpus
good class with nice opportunities (option c :-) loved the intention and final words "you can´t keep what you have unless you give it away" <3
I did this practice while traveling. The practice was just the right level for me and left me feeling peaceful and more comfortable in my body. Thank you for this practice. I will repeat it often - maybe even tomorrow!
Vasanth Kothnur
Awesome class.. just the right pace to practice and slowly works up a sweat. It was perfect for me. Thanks for putting this sequence together!