Hip To Balance

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.<b>Hip</b> To Balance.
Hip To Balance
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This 60 minute arm flow will target your hips with the intention of Lila or Playfulness. Targeting the hips you’ll rise to the peak poses of Bhujapidasana and Astavakrasana. 2 blocks are suggested for this practice.

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Laura neal
One of my favorite sequences!!!!! Thank you, Lauren!
mutlu dinckok
nice flow not as challenging flow wise as other other power yoga classes. although there are level 3 poses.
Never have I ever..... imagined arm balance(s) could be in my practice! This class is changing my mind... and playfully challenging my body. Thanks for the breakthroughs!!!!
"Hip to Balance" is my Graceland...
Claudia Gabler
Every class with Lauren is an epiphany - also this one. Thank you for the magical, playful lesson!
Fabienne moreau
hip hip hurray! thank you Lauren.
Nicole Villapiano
Loved the focus on playfulness and Lauren's mindfulness cues. Found myself smiling many times throughout the practice. Nice hip opener, fun arm balances. Will definitely come back to this.
sima farage
Great class.. both playful and strong ...will do it again fro sure
Lauren is a wonderful teacher, who gives clear instructions and provides a lot of inspirational thoughts. So great that I can join the digital classes here, in Munich. It helps me a lot to deal with the Corona crisis. Thank you so much!
Wonderful class! Challenging and fun!
Wonderful practice that incorporates lots of work in the hips and arm balances.
Playful as said... great class...✌🏻
As usual, Lauren’s class is creative, challenging, and in the case of this one - fun! Although I couldn’t get to all the seated postures at the end, I was able to modify and reap the full benefit of this wonderful class!
Loved this class! Definitely was fun and playful with all the arm balances and great hip opener. Will practice over and over.
loved the playfullness of this class especially the peak poses. My strenth is definetly showing day after day to be Growing with me as I Commit And arrive On my mat To Join your practices. Thank You!!!
Lauren led us to the promised land
Nice and sweaty practice. Think everything was touched, great class!