High Potency

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.High <b>Potency</b>.
High Potency
Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

This power flow is all about physical and mental strength! Through fun and challenging progressions, take your practice to the next level with highly potent movements. This class includes variations of eagle pose, opportunities to add challenges to common poses like crescent, chair and temple, and plenty of time to practice your arm balances. Never underestimate the power and strength of your spirit – no matter what level you’re at today, go at your own pace and skip anything that doesn’t speak to your soul. You’ll always receive exactly what you need, no matter where you take your practice. Have 2 blocks for handy for this class.

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Kristina Henneberg
This class is no joke. Very fiery. Loved it! Namaste :)
Wow Brittany ... that was pretty tough but thoroughly enjoyable .. my arms especially are going to feel the burn later! Thank you for being such a great teacher Lisa B, Hove, UK
Nadine Korpus
perfect flow with some wise words..thank you, Brittany!
Really like this quite challenging. Nasmaste
May Tuttle
Amazing workout. I love the strength training aspect of it
Sweet class, you're such a good teacher! One critique- my body was not ready to get into doing shavasana so early on. Everything else fantastic.
This class absolutely lives up to its name! A lot of power and a lot of sweat packed into this class.
Joanna Morse
hmmmmm....side crow with eagle legs....brilliant!:)
Katharina Jordan
Awesome. Challenging. Sweaty. Great teacher. Great session. Thank you for that
This is somewhat of an advanced class, and it is frickin amazing. I've done it 4 or 5 times now and it is always challenging and refreshing at the same time. Thanks B. Namaste!
Rosana Cohen
A great flow! I enjoyed it very much Just 2 comments: 1- Please give us a bit more time in order to catch the pace of challenging poses (yes I am looking forward to practicing those) 2- Be focused with the camera on the pose Namaste
Fabienne moreau
great flow, might be a little too much pace on some transitions. 15min more would be great ;-) Thank you Brittany!
Trish Lawton
Such a strong practice -- CHAIR galore! I loved the use of the block into side angle :-)
strong buttkicking flow. Great sweat and flow, might be B's best one yet!
silvia araujo
An amazing practice, as always dear Brittany. You leads us through strengh with an amazing swetness. Thank you :) Just letting a note for the camera that often looses the all picture and when watching online its important to catch the all pose