Handstand Made Easy

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.<b>Handstand</b> Made Easy.
Handstand Made Easy
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

It’s often said that fear is excitement in hiding. Use this practice as a way to break through limiting beliefs as you build core strength, physical balance, and steady alignment helping you move past fear and reach into a simplified variation of handstand called Eka Pada Vrksasana with joy, excitement, and confidence. A block and a wall are suggested for this practice.

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I love how you guided me, step by step, into the pose, not an easy one. I love the power and kindess that you put into teaching. thanks Lauren for the practice
Lauren is a very motivational person and even during a journey to a so challenge posture, she can focus your attention to the most important part: the beauty and the straight in yourself! Thank you Lauren!
The sequence was decent and I liked that there was no background music. However, there was no opportunity to go inward and listen to my body as the instructor talked the whole time non-stop. I think the camera work could have been a little better too as it often focused on the instructor and not the people doing the asanas, so if you didn't understand a cue you couldn't figure it out by looking at those practicing.
I've worked up to doing headstands earlier this year, but handstands felt too intimidating. This session helped me to do wall-supported handstands for the first time. Thank you, Lauren, for helping me to get over the fear 🙏🏾.
great class - i am a yogi who can't do handstands and don't really care, but this is a great class regardless. the handstand part is relatively short and easily adjustable to any level you're at. almost felt more like it was a peak pose of a class rather than an entire class just devoted to handstands. so good for everyone regardless of whether you love or hate handstands!