Hands Free Flow

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.Hands Free <b>Flow</b>.
Hands Free Flow
Led by: Christine Turrentine
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
No Props
Slow Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

Do your wrists and hands need a break? This class has you covered with strong postures and flow to get you moving and sweating, challenging your body without a vinyasa, chaturanga or push up in sight. This is followed by slow and sweet long held postures to cap off the class.  Building on the theme of being at peace with change, this class will have you moving and then resting in stillness. No props needed.

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Thank you thank you for a beautiful challenging flow without using our hands. You’re cueing and voice make it even better. Please do another one.
Fabienne moreau
gorgeous energizing flow, I want more of it! Thank you Christine <3
Ingrid Koster
Love your voice. Calm and steady. Good flow with nice transitions!
Super challenging hands-free flow. Loved the calming vibe and words of wisdom! A class to go back to on days you want to give your hands and wrists a break.
Loved this class!
Antje Hennegriff
Dear Christine, I really enjoyed your "flying" class. Thank you soooo much Antje
Loved the pace and poses! thank you
Awesome flow, I feel better after I was feeling tired and with headache. Namaste :) thank you from Ashburn , VA. Teresa Lopez
Felt like a moving prayer. I chose this class because of wrist soreness but was so pleasantly surprised - it was simple but yet so strong. A real treat. Thank you, my friend.
Ooooh, deceptively hard! What a great practice -- both for breath and body.
Thank you for this class, Christine. I enjoyed so many balances and a good variation between standing and floor positions. I was a wee bit disappointed that you included one downward dog - I was hoping for a complete downward-dog-free zone. Perhaps next time none at all?
amazing so human, and strong and sweet!. great combination!
This was just what I needed. A slower paced practice. Thank you😀
Great class / routine , thank you 🙏
Jenny Palmblad
Thank you so much for a great start to our Sunday! Embracing all changes that will come!
Awesome class - so good for a day with sore arms!
I have been waiting for a class like this for so long! Loved the breathing exercise during the plank pose too. Thank you, Christine!❤️🙏