Grounding and Stability

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.<b>Grounding</b> and Stability.
Grounding and Stability
Led by: Christine Turrentine
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

This Vinyasa-style class will leave you feeling grounded and standing in your power, practicing with awareness and acceptance. This practice starts with warming spinal movements, moves to vinyasa flows to warm the body, and is followed by balance postures to awaken your sense of center. The practice ends with ample time for sweet, long-held postures to find your stillness and grounding once more!

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Antje Hennegriff
I really enjoyed this class - I feel so good - I also like the way you teach so calmful
Jill Roberts
That was lovely, so calming and grounding x
It really did feel grounding - very nice. Thank you Christine
Loved it ❤️
Awesome :) Thank you so much for this training. I wishe there were more practices of yours here on innerdimension TV, Christine.
Lovely class thank you x
My second time doing this one; it's one of my top favorites! It's just powerful enough for me! and then the last 15 minutes or so are very blissful! Today it was exactly what I needed. Perfect workout for the end of a strange day (or anytime really). Thank you, Christine. Your classes are always perfect for me! Namaste! <3
Thank you Christine, just what I needed! And your voice is sooo soothing! :)
Thank you for a very special practice - rejuvenating and deeply moving.
christine is my new fav teacher! her flows are seamless and she exudes such a sense of ease and belonging in all of her classes. can't wait for more classes from her!
Very smooth with a relaxing voice
That was a lovely class and will become a staple in my practice rotation. Your presence was soothing and calming. The slow-flow was strong yet full of ease. Namaste
Nice and easy....💫
A lovely and grounding practice!
Thank you for this nice practice! Christine's pleasant voice and her guidance make me feel safe and in good hands! I also enjoyed the music (like to know which it is😊🙏).
I loooooved everything about this practice. I started with Travis videos only...then explored with Lauren videos (love her!) I found myself hesitant to keep exploring but I have found every instructor in this program is fantastic...and Christine is quickly becoming a favorite...for many reasons. The guidance, the flows, the cadence of her voice, the music (which I MUST KNOW) what it is! Her energy is amazing and balanced. And THANK YOU for having such a diverse (in style, pacing, and yes, ethnicity and gender!!!) group of teachers. It matters.
More Christine! Love her classes. As a beginner, sometimes the 'beginner' series is too easy and the Power Yoga classes too much. Christine's class is perfect for a Level 1/2 practitioner such as me.