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Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Wisdom Talks
10 Mins
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Wisdom Talks
10 Minutes

Many of the wisdom traditions teach that there is a direct correlation between our generosity and our joy. In this talk, Travis shares stories, science and inspiration on the importance of generosity in your life.

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Vera Antonio
I started following Inner Dimension TV right after the first YouTube class with Travis, his talk therapy and yoga flow is so good that I burst with smile during the class, I wanted to do and learn more. What is in YouTube really is just the tip of the iceberg, here I can listen to meditation mindfulness talks, specific classes from the most relaxing, restorative, yin, power, upgrade, etc. and teacher training, hope that will soon to be realized. To be able to give is to receive bliss and enrich the soul, to circulate generosity, joy and peace. I like all Teachers from Inner Dimension TV.
Barbara Rosenman
I love you so much from the top of my head right until my tippy-toes. I love you, love you, love you. I'm reaching out for you to help me, find a way out of this prison, I've knocked on so many doors, My heart bleeds with sorrow, please help me. You know, I was looking at the retreat in Croatia and I pictured myself together with everyone and it's close yet so far away. I know my body is riddled with chronic arthritis and when I found you, you helped me so tremendously. I'm really changing, I go to bed and get wait to see all of you in the morning. I really can't afford it because I'm a pensioner, maybe we can find a system where I can give you some money every month and by the time May comes, it will be paid. Please help me find a way where we can work this out together. I love you so much, tears are flowing, your voices are so soothing, I love you, really so deeply, Barbara Please write me and we can work together. If there is any intention that I set is to be in Croatia with you guys together. To do yoga is to be together, alone in a community.
Luciana Londono
I love you Travis
thanks for the talk on generosity. I was especially interested in the part about the yoga studio operating on donations. I closed my studio last spring due to COVID. After floundering for several months, I started teaching classes over zoom--my gift, no charge. I've been doing that for eight months, 3 classes a week. It's rewarding and has been a way to keep my peeps together and actually grow the group as friends invite friends to join the stream. Now as people are getting vaccinated and life as usual is on the horizon, I'm thinking of re-opening my studio but instead of charging, going to donation basis. Your talk on generosity encourages me. I think this can work. I'll put a mirror by the donation box so people can see themselves donating and feel good for that. I read a psychology experiment about that. It actually was testing for honesty but I think it applies to this too. Thanks!