Flow of Loving-Kindness

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.Flow of <b>Loving-Kindness</b>.
Flow of Loving-Kindness
Led by: Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
20 Minutes

Loving-Kindness is described as friendliness – kindness that we show not only to others but also to ourselves. It is the act of both self-love and collective empathy. Ultimately, it is the emotion that connects us to each other no matter our challenges, differences or struggles.

Building upon your last 3 classes in this series, this practice focuses on heart-opening postures such as Half Bow, Dancer’s Pose and Camel Pose to help access the inward and outward expressions of innate kindness from your heart and closes with a brief loving-kindness meditation.

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Anna Bartus
Simple and beautiful practice! Thank you Lauren!
Andreas Küpfer
This one touched my heart so truly and deeply...thank you lauren for this amazing experience! Sending love to all of you
I loved the combination of challenging balances and calming meditation - a true reflection of what we need in our everyday lives.
A sweet flow and what I needed today at this moment: the concept, the style and timing . Nothing us by chance and I think I needed to open my heart still some more today: that is why the tears came down in the end. Thank you Lauren.
Thank you, Lauren. An absolutely beautiful class. The visualization/meditation was so strong and I enjoyed it so much. Thank you. Namaste.
While traveling, this is exactly what I needed and had time for. Thank you Lauren! Wonderful class (as always)