Flexion and Extension

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.<b>Flexion</b> and Extension.
Flexion and Extension
Led by: Byron De Marse
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
20 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
20 Minutes

The fastest way to warm-up and activate the whole body is to flex and extend each part as it is designed to move. This way of practicing alternates protagonist and antagonist target muscle, and most importantly teaches you how to safely transition in and out of poses. During this practice you can expect to move through versions of plank, downward facing dog, squats, lunges and core work.

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Avan Antia
Thanks Brian I really enjoyed, lovely flowing motions. But for me it was too rushed - is there anyway I can slow it down during re-play?
Really liked this short class and loved the extension and flexion practices - so interesting to put this together. Thank you Byron
Feeling great after experiencing Byron's positive energy and creative, fun flow!
Astrid van Wesenbeeck
Thank you, lovely flow, very nice for when I have little time in the morning with a busy working day ahead. Greetings from the Netherlands :)
Thanks, Byron, for another fabulous practice. I am in the middle of a trip, walking ca. 20 kms per day and this allows me to get ready for the day ahead and also stretch and get my body in the right kind of motion. The perfect start of an amazing journey!!!
samanta carpeggiani
Da insegnante, trovo le tue classi bellissime divertenti e molto didattiche!Super!
Really good warm up practice for my mornings! Thanks Byron.
Quick and powerful!! Excellent class! Thank you, Byron! Namastê!
What a beautiful short and sweet practice. Loved the more explorative movement touch. Thank you!
excellent practice
excellent class....pls can we see more of this mindfull but explorative style practice😅thak you Byron. namaste
Gali Niv
Great Class Thank you
Unique, creative and invigorating! Thank you Byron, Namaste.
Rosana Cohen
Quick and Smart Practice. Thank you Byron for your creativity!