Finding Your Flow

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.Finding Your Flow.
Finding Your Flow
Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
No Props
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

Sun Salutations are the foundation of vinyasa flow. This innovative class explores a variety of ways to move through both Surya Namaskar A & B, then gives you the opportunity to create your own unique flow. Discover endless possibilities as you begin to take the reins of your practice.

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I love this practice with Brent!! Very specific easy to follow and learn different movements. Thank you🙏
That was fun! It’s been a while since I “created my own practice”, so I enjoyed that freedom. I even went on to practice some more on my own afterwards.
Love the creativity and intensity….
I love the idea of teaching the sun salutations with variations and allowing time for some play and confidence building. Gave me a great practice and I took away some fun ideas.
Everything you teach and say is super, superb and sublime! Thank you for widen our horizons and possibilities.
Francis Occena
Wow. This is a fantastic practice. The 30 mins go by so quickly. Thank you Brent!
Corina Juarez
I so appreciated the "permission" to tweak and tailor the practice to make it flow for me. I sort of do that all the time, depending on how my body feels at the moment. Gracias dear B -- Rocio
Subhashini Mahadevan
Loved this class with all the variations. It is a treat to improving shoulder strength. Thank you Brent!!!