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.Finding <b><br/>Center</b>.
Led by: Christine Turrentine
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
Gentle Yoga
45 Minutes

You can only spend so long pushing your boundaries before you are called to rest and recover.  How do you find recovery? How do you return to your center? Join Christine for this 45-minute gentle class as we explore finding center in the body and the mind. This class includes reclined hip & hamstring stretching, half sun salutations and gentle leg work including temple and triangle poses. One block and a strap are recommended.

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Elisabeth Herbner
Awesome combination of stretches! Appreciate her calming voice and easy flow of postures. Thank you.
Margaret DeCavele
I experienced a major release of tension.
Forest Gray
I really enjoy Christine's classes. I need the slower, gentler yoga approaches, and I am always able to follow at the instructor's pace and modify the poses as I need for some of my more challenging, older joints. Her classes keep yoga accessible for me.
It is a day of stress and pressure. I liked the name of this practice: "Finding Center" so I decided on it as my daily yoga class. The day has smoothed out because I am smoothed out. Thank you Christine. Great practice, just right.
I always struggle (in a good way) with the slower classes that force me out of my comfort zone and prevent me from going on autopilot. I find Christine's classes so refreshing and authentic. Thank you.
Beautiful, gentle practice and just what I needed today.