Energetic Flow

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.<b>Energetic</b> Flow.
Energetic Flow
Led by: Brittany Lynne
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This power yoga practice gives you time and space to tap into the energies you are allowing into your life. Invite in what you need and release what no longer serves you with this strength-building, mind-focusing flow.

Props needed: A block or two recommended

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Matt Miller
Now that was a good power yoga class.
Sonal Mazumder
Wow absolutely amazing!
Laura Molfetas
Absolutely love this practice! Wonderful and challenging flow!
Claudia Gabler
Dorota Krzykowska
This was a very soothing and relaxing practice - energizing in a refreshing kind of way. I'm way to inflexible for the peak pose, but enjoyed the rest of the flow. Brittany has a calming voice. I recommend practicing without the music soundtrack- I found it a little distracting.
Fabienne moreau
thanks for this wonderful class, love it. Namasté from Francfort/Germany.
Super fun! I had so much fun practicing balancing off and on the ground. Thanks again Brittany!
Pamela Isabelle Belen
That was a good class with the right amount of challenge. The instructions were helpful. She also has a good energy.
Really beautiful flow - thank you🙏
WOW, what a beautiful class. It has EVERYTHING! Thank you Brittany, NAMASTE
really enjoyed your class, Thank you !
I love the pace and the flow. Thank you, Brittany! Perfect.
I loved the balancing pose, very accessible and I loved the standing eagle crunches, very challenging! I literally cried when we got to windshield wiper-ing the legs at the end. Not sure why but maybe because of that energy! Beautiful class :)
Loved this! Starts gently and then the energy gets moving :) Was totally in the yoga zone with the music and Brittany's soothing voice...Thank you!!
Fun flow - loved the energy and those arm holds!
i like it but it is way too fast for me
Loved this! Good pace, great instruction. Builds up steadily and is challenging enough to make you sweat but without being overwhelming. Thank you Brittany!