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Led by: Byron De Marse
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

Where have you been able to feel expanded in your life? And where have you felt contracted? Let’s dig into the abundance mindset and see where we need to grow more.

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Doris Ramseger
Such a beautiful and mindful and also strong practice! I love the slow and very strong flow, allowing to work on the alignment. Would love to see more 1hour-classes with Byron!
Marjan Buseyne
Beautiful class. Loved the dynamics, the power, the stilness, and the flute music in the end was total bliss as it integrated the practice for me. Thank you. Namasté )( More flute music please!
Emelie Anna Sandberg
Deep, meaningful and wonderful class. More of these all this wisdom please! <3
David Kanno
wow I really really enjoyed this class. I look forward to the 28 day series.
Wow! What a class! Thank you so much Byron. That was just what I needed today. Namaste. x
erika hosier
Beautiful practice and beautiful words! Thank you
Antje Hennegriff
calm and challenging - I like the way you teach - thank you
Gali Niv
Nice and challenging
I love this class. Background music, your music, location, flow and as - always - your teaching. Namaste, Byron. Regardz from Germany :)