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Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

When we feel empowered in mind & body, we feel as if we are capable of achieving our highest dreams, goals and aspirations. This begins with our minds, which are supported through meditation. It is shaped in the lungs, which are supported by mindful breathing and ancient subtle body manipulation techniques. From there, it manifests in the physical form through asana. Though empowerment does not always look strong and bold, sometimes it is graceful or playful. There must be a balance, as there is in life, as well as in this practice. Join Mychal on this hour-long journey through the mind, breath and body. Let’s take flight!

Props: 1 block

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💕💕Loved this one! Clear instructions, good pace, fun flow. Thank you Mychal!
Douglas Finkelstein
A smooth flow, sneaky challenging, and results in feeling incredible about my body, breath, and life force. An excellent class in all dimensions.
Caryn Aulenbach
This practice is brilliant in its simplicity! Challenging for body, soul, and mind. I sweat more in this practice than some of the more "active" ones! I love it. Thanks Mychal for showing us a practice can still be challenging despite the lack of clever transitions and tons of chaturangas! ;)
Rebeca Mejía Herrada
What a beautiful practice!!! Definitely crafted beautifully to bring you into a sense of Power! Feels amazing in the body, open in the breath, and free at the soul! Thank you Mychal to share your light with us in this practice!
Mychal thank you so much for this beautiful strong powerful practice in so many ways.. I felt myself and all I've got inside as I need to remember, even though I know, that I've got my power.You're such a beautiful soul and teacher, learning with you is a beautiful gift, love that you bring animal shape in your class, this is awesome!!! From my heart and from France, lots of love <3
I love this class. Helps me also a lot for building strength around me knees. Special thanks for this! :)
Strong, Playful, and Incredibly Empowering, this is yoga: animal style. Thank you Mychal!
Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my! Mychal, love your playful nature!🙏❤️
I come to Mychal's classes when I want something that has a bit more of a playful element to it and this one didn't disappoint!
Empowering indeed! Beyond amazing, Beyond beautiful. I felt super changed after this practice. Infinite ♾ gratitude 💫😇💚💜🙏🏿
Perfect program, with the right pace. Realy empowering. Thank you.
It was indeed empowering !!!My whole body at physical level was so relaxed at the same time felt supple and energised after the practice.. I am loving each session, it gives so much in different ways! Thankyou all so much.. Namaste