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Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Slow Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

This practice will physically challenge you and will take you to your edge, because that’s where the sparks of transformation start to fly. You will build strength using your natural body weight and have a little fun while you do it.

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Loved it! Quick, challenging yet rewarding! It's certainly going to be one of my go-to classes.
Best ever! All a Surfer needs!
Laura Cheftel
Brilliant class, I always go back to this to maintain and build my strength, and start the day feeling centred and energised.
stephanie booth
Fun, fast-moving class with lots of upper-body challenges!
A true favorite. Very dependable go-to class for days you need that extra push! Incredible how much you do in this 30-min practice.
Camerawork was really bad for this class. Numerous times I looked up to see what we were supposed to be doing and the camera was only showing Travis' face or the upper half of a person when we were supposed to be doing something in the lower half. It might have been a decent class, but it was really hard to follow this practice.
Amazing class! A bit challenging indeed, but as we already know it --> '"It is only through challenge that we grow."
So this class has always reminded me of 'Strength' from Ultimate Yogi program. It is a challenge and leaves your shoulders wishing they had different arms. Cheers for a great workout!