Double Trouble

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.<b>Double</b> Trouble.
Double Trouble
Led by: Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Strong Flow
All Levels
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

In this all level power yoga class prepare for double trouble facilitated by both Travis and Lauren. If you are looking for a fun, strong flow with a sweet cool down then this is the perfect class!

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WOW a great one in whicH I found many poses I love so much (eagle arm / warrior3 / Standing split/camel pose / flying pigeon/ butterfly /bow pose / bridge pose / Wheel pose) Thanks both of you Lauren & Travis for this beautiful lesson . Just want to give Travis a little spoon of Honey for his voice 😉. thank you so much to share beautiful awakening practice such this one
Julie Fongemy
Beautiful class, thank-you!
Dina Gomez
Love this class! Travis and Lauren are the best!
Nicole Villapiano
LOVE this class! Sweaty and sweet. The tandem teaching was fun. I will definitely come back to this one.
You guys are awesome! So grateful I am part of your community
The class was thorough and challenging and I enjoyed having two teachers to guide me through it. Ultimately, a very satisfying practice.
Perfect practice, challenging standing flow followed by a nice cooldown.
Double trouble indeed. Lovely class. Enjoyed the alternating voices of Travis and Lauren.
Loved the combo of Lauren and Travis. Great class!
New favorite, bit of everything. *cheers*
The BEST moment for me in 2019 was finding Innerdimension. Travis and Lauren you have transformed my life and mind. Forever grateful. Absolutely love every class you take us through. Namaste
Una clase espectacular!!!! Muchísimas felicidades!!!
One of my absolute favourites , come back to it over and over again. The best instruction and great blend of Travis & Lauren’s style of yoga 💜
Great sweat. Great time. Great team teaching! Loved this class! Thanks!