Disconnect to Reconnect

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.Disconnect to Reconnect.
Disconnect to Reconnect
Led by: Mychal Prieto
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
All Levels
45 Minutes

Restore and receive. This practice is meant to nourish and support your hips and your spine. Gather your props and allow yourself the space and time to relax and unwind. You will need two blocks and one bolster for this practice.

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Renee Minor
Amazing class...the use of props was so healing, especially downward dog and child's pose. Slow and calming with beautiful guidance. What a gift! ty
OH thank you Mychal ;What a nice gentle sweet practice to end the day ... really fitted with what my body and mind needed. I will have to come back again ... I love the downward facing Dog with the 2 blocks ..... and the end with the Flute sounds .... a great gift to my body tonight thanks to you and your always playfull spirit. thank you ✨✨✨🙏🏻🩵
Oh what a beautiful practice to see, strengthen and let be a connection with myself and with all. The beautiful music at the end was the sunrise in my day!!
Teresa Thompson
You have so much joy in your voice when you teach and I felt like I smiled throughout this entire practice. I also love when you play your flute. It's such a soothing sound at the end of a practice. This class was amazing. Thank you!
Caron Lynn
Simply delicious! The ending was so beautiful and sacred. Thank you. Namaste
Dawn Price
Lovely, restful practice. Thank you!