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Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
45 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
45 Minutes

A powerful-yet-accessible strength-building practice designed to help you lean into your edges and tap into your highest potential. If you don’t come away from this practice with a deep affection for plank pose, it won’t be for lack of time spent together! In addition to plank, this practice will move you through a powerful sequence of core strengthening postures, including tiger’s pose, boat pose, headstand and crow pose.

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Cristina Valsangiacomo
It is after my 5th consecutive class wit you Brent that I came to realize I have finally made it to advance level in my Yoga Practice. Thank you so so much for inspiring me with new moves and new sequences. My body and mind are so so happy and my teaching has new inputs and ideas. You are awesome. I am trying to manifest the money abundance to join one of your retreats!
fabio proserpio
thank u Brent i cryed like a child!
Subhashini Mahadevan
I was in tears at the end.....happy..happy ....happy tears!!!! Thank you Brent for making me go to a place which I never thought I could. Namaste!!
christen reinke
Love the slow paced build-up of these sequences, especially the starting sequence. Due to arthritis, I am unable to move quickly, thus eliminating all faster paced workouts from consideration. This one really hit the spot. Challenging, yet slowly building, giving the joints time to warmup and loosen. The ultimate surprise comes at the end. Brent has quickly become my favorite instructor. Wish I had discovered this one sooner!
Madison Ciccone
Probably one of the MOST challenging sequences I've done in a HOT minute!
Martha Ledesma
Thank you for this amazing, challenging practice.
Martha Ledesma
Wow!! Challenging but satisfying!! Thank you!
Margaret DeCavele
I revisited this class and must add that Brent is a beast! I have a lot of practicing to do, thank you for the inspiration. This is my favorite class.
Alex Salhani
So hard and satisfying! Just perfect.
that was wild...
WOOOW 💪mr. Brent you are so strong!? One day I will finish your class!?🙏 Thank you Adriano 🇮🇹
Tetiana Sánchez Rodríguez
Thank you so much for this practice! I did it on my birthday and it was the most precious gift for me today: after the final strength challenge I cried. Thanks to encouraging words of Brent I was able to complete it.
Loved this class and it was a challenging one! Thanks for pushing this ballerina!
lucia de Abreu katzenstein
Just Powerful in all ways
Victoria Smith
Thank you! Just what I need and want! Encore!!! :)
Elizabeth Wald
WOW!!! What a class!! Powerful, challenging, strengthening, packed with a punch, or three. Loved it!! Did this practice late afternoon, for a change and boy, hard after a busy day but proud I got through to the end!!
Elizabeth Wald
WOW!!! What a class!! Powerful, challenging, strengthening, packed with a punch, or three. Loved it!!