Check In Day 36

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Hey guys, I wanted to take a quick moment to applaud you for making it to the first milestone of Power Yoga 108. These first few weeks can be a steep learning curve for people but you persisted through the soreness, fatigue and maybe even the doubt. But the fact that you’re still here proves you aren’t a quitter — YOU ARE A YOGA WARRIOR! Already, you are seeing the benefits of the program — improved muscle tone, decreased fat, greater flexibility, less stress, better sleep and overall well-being. And the good news is, this is just the beginning. Today, we will be doing “36 Sun Salutations” to celebrate — on some level this will feel like ‘cake walk’ compared to the other classes — so look at it like a form of active recovery and enjoy. The other students and me will be right there with you. All right, let’s get started.