Cross Train

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.<b>Cross</b> Train.
Cross Train
Led by: Travis Eliot
Rated 5 out of 5 stars
60 Mins
Slow Flow
Power Yoga
60 Minutes

This practice provides an even dosage of strength, cardio, balance and flexibility. In addition to a well-rounded flow, this class will connect you to your intention for the program and reinforce “The 5 Keys of a Level Up Mindset.” Prepare to move through athleticism, the yogic way.

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Jordan Charles
Challenging, energetic class that you can use to challenge yourself to your own degree. Would suggest if you have some energy
mutlu dinckok
I haven't practiced this class in a long time. it was a great choice for my Sunday morning.
Marjan Buseyne
Triple thanks for this great class! Namaste )(
Cross Train is my go to class when I need a good Sweat ,calmness and vitality!!
Maria Beatriz Esperança
There´s no words to describe how much I get synced with this pratice. Tears of relase and joy have found my face steady and in pure state of calmeness. Thanks for all your teachings and for your motivation. Yoga have been the union of my self and others. Namaste!
Lovely class. Wiped me out a bit physically this morning haha, but feeling great and refreshed and ALIVE now :D thank you!
Blanca Perez del Palomar
Great class, even better comments. Feeling great afterward. Thanks Travis!
Don't know why there aren't more comments!! I always come back to this one. It's tough, and love the perfect amount of cardio but also strength and gentleness in even doses. Really makes my mind and body feel strong and accomplished. Keep trying other teachers/ classes on the internet but none have given me the consistent results I have achieved through Travis' classes.
Comparing this to UY isn't really fair. Long holds, twice the amount of push ups. Great class, great energy. I'm pooped, but feel refreshed! Namaste