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Led by: Brent Laffoon
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
30 Mins
Strong Flow
Power Yoga
30 Minutes

One of the biggest limitations to growth is the belief that we simply can’t do something–that we’re not strong enough, or good enough or whatever enough. This practice is designed to help you take that belief and throw it out the window. By focusing on backbends, you’ll come away from this practice feeling empowered to explore the unfamiliar with confidence. From bow pose to little lightning bolt pose to wheel, this workshop-style class will help you progress on the journey toward dropping back.

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looked for flow found workshop class. big surprise and emotional challenge. am so proud i did that. very informative and a lot of fun. classic Brent. ThankYou!
silvia araujo
It is a great class, eve though it would better to identify it as a workshop and not as a flow class, so we could better choose with more clarity
Ivana Spadafora
What a great class to help you work on ALL things related to improving your back bends. As always Brent does not disappoint and as always his classes both educate and propel me to be better; taking my practice to the next level! Thank you Inner Dimension TV for a great mix of instructors!!
Martha Ledesma
I enjoy your practices very much. In this one I feel safe even though they are challenging because my spine and not as flexible as I would like. But this is a practice that I would take again and again. Please more practices like this. Thank you Brent,
Great practice and educational. Thank you.
Truly said, you need courage to step out of your comfort zone, push yourself to new level, as you cant grow by doing same thing over and over again. I loved this workshop. with my lower back issues, it came in so handy with strengthening the back muscles.
What a class! This 60-year-old back got some work in today. I had to laugh at "I don't have a naturally bendy spine!" If Brent doesn't, I have no idea what I have! LOL
And yet another "killer" practice to push us out of our comfort zone, stretch our abilities and test our skills. A class to revisit over and over and gain that flexibility (if so, I'd say I missed a bit of warm up for wrists, as I felt it in the wheels a lot. I will do so when I next tackle the class again). I love the way you approach every move and the different perspective. Thanks, Brent, for another amazing proposal!
great as ever!I I think I will have to be back to this class several times to deepen my wheel backbend !!! Thank you! Namaste!
Brent's classes are always a nice surprise. Precise cues bringing awareness to the muscles engaged in each pose. Although I was not able to complete couple of the final poses, this is great backbend workshop to keep coming back as part of my practice. Thank you Brent! Namaste.
I work at a moderate level, so this was a bit advanced for me. As Brent says, its a workshop more than a flow. I found it hugely helpful, as I need more courage, and Brent allows for pauses and rests. I shall try to undertake this session regularly. Thank you